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Why You Need To Get Your Caravan Serviced

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Getting your caravan serviced is much more than just repacking the bearings! In this article I'll let you know step-by-step of what I do during a service, and why it's important.

1. I put the caravan up on jack stands, which does make it easier to service, but also allows your suspension to hang and be tested for movement. I just want to make sure all the components of the suspension are tight and not worn. Suspension points are also greased with EP2 grease (if applicable).

2. Wheels come off to get inspected for uneven wear and damage - this may determine if the suspension is out of alignment.

3. Hubs are removed, brakes are cleaned, and the wear points lubricated with lithium grease. Later in the service, the brakes are adjusted up evenly once the hubs come back on. For me this is the most crucial part of the service - it prevents uneven, premature wear of the brake components. For more on uneven braking, go to my Top 5 Caravan Mistakes article.

4. Bearings are removed from hub: washed and repacked (with lithium complex grease), or replaced if necessary. Washing down the bearings allows for thorough inspection of any signs of wear. New bearing seals are then pressed into hub, and the hub is refitted onto brake assembly. It's very important that the bearing seals are replaced every service.

5. Wheels are rotated and refitted; final brake test and adjustment is done. Then, I check all driving lights and test the breakaway system.

6. Caravan is lowered back onto ground and wheel nuts are torqued up. I also adjust the handbrake if necessary.

There are also a few other things small things I didn't mention, but this list is more of just an overview. I hope this article gave you a more in-depth look at what happens during a service and why it's crucial to make sure your caravan is serviced every 10,000kms.

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