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Top 5 Caravan Mistakes

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Here are the most common mistakes I have found with caravanners (and how you can avoid them):

1. Uneven Braking

To roughly determine if your brakes are equal: quickly touch the brake hubs after you have come to a stop (be careful - they will be hot!) You want to ensure that they are the same temperature. If one hub is hotter than the others - it is the one doing all the braking. Therefore, the brake components on that hub will wear down much quicker than the others.

Uneven braking can be caused by many different things and it's worth booking in a caravan service if you find this problem.

2. Breakaway Batteries

Any caravans over 2,000kg legally requires a breakaway system. Most breakaway systems have a seperate battery to activate the brakes when your caravan is uncoupled in an emergency situation. Many people forget to check if their breakaway battery is fully charged. Make sure your battery is charged by checking the test button function on the breakaway box.

Breaksafe Battery

3. Tyres

I would personally never have tyres over 10 years old. Caravan tyres don't wear down like a car tyre; therefore, the tread isn't usually an indicator of tyre condition. The rubber can lose its strength with age and exposure, which can cause the tyre to blowout. Be sure to check the 4-digit number on the side: the first 2 numbers are the week of the year, and the last 2 numbers are the year. Also, don't forget to check the pressure of your spare! I've had many customers that have been carrying around completely flat spare tyres.

Caravan Tyres

4. Relying on Safety Certificate

This certificate is only a quick check - it's just to ensure the caravan passes all the legal requirements for it to be safety towed down the road. Be sure to get your new caravan serviced and inspected by a caravan repairer before taking it on the road.

5. Not Removing Sway Bars / Weight Distribution Bars

Always be sure to remove your bars when you are reversing into a site, or doing any off-roading. Not removing the bars will put a lot of stress against the bars and the hitch. If you do this continuously, you're at risk of damaging the hitch components and the bars themselves. Don't be lazy - take off your bars when checking in at the caravan park ;)

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